Testing and Commissioning Services


  • Global Power utilises highly skilled and trained technical staff to provide a wide range of testing, commissioning and high voltage test services.
  • Protection scheme testing and commissioning services.
  • Testing and commissioning services for transmission, distribution, generation and all industries & electrical infrastructure.
  • GPC provides commissioning and maintenance testing of protection relays and schemes. We utilise highly skilled field technical personnel using Double and Omicron secondary injection test equipment to provide :
  • Project management and commissioning of protection and control schemes in new and existing sub stations.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing of electrical switch-boards Site Acceptance Testing of electrical switch boards Maintenance of existing protection schemes.
  • Development of data setting files for numerical protection relays.
  • Test plans, relay setting and relay logic files.
  • Simulation testing of SCADA systems to ensure correct functions integrity.
  • Development of quality Inspection Test Plans ( ITPs ).

Commissioning Works
  • All Rating Generators, Transformers, Motors, Cables, Capacitors, Reactors etc.
  • All Rating GIS, EHV, HV & LV Circuits, Breakers, Isolators, Distribution panel.

Protection Relays
Relays Siemens, ABB, GE, Alstom, Schneider Electric, EasunReyrolle, Etc. Programing Testing and Commissioning.

Annual Testing / Calibration
  • Energy meter, Multifunction meter, TVM meters, Volt meter,
    Ammeters, PF Meter, KW, KVA, KVAR Meters, Etc...
  • Protection Relay Testing and Calibration
  • Earth resistance Testing
  • Cable IR and HV Testing
  • Transformer Testing and Oil Filtration
  • DG Testing
  • CT & PT Testing / Calibration
  • Energy Audit
  • Cable Fault Locate
  • DG Servicing
Testing Capability
  • Protection relay programming and scheme testing
  • Protection relay maintenance
  • Secondary injection
  • Primary injection
  • Current transformer testing
  • Voltage transformer testing
  • Battery discharge testing
  • High voltage testing of switchboard apparatus
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Circuit breaker testing and commissioning
  • Metering equipment commissioning and testing
  • Scadainterface testing
  • On Load measurement of current and voltage
  • Fault finding
  • Earth resistance testing
  • Tan-Delta and Capacitance testing

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